Open Access Colonoscopy is a service we provide that allows healthy, age-appropriate patients to easily schedule a colonoscopy, usually without an office consultation visit.

Colonoscopy is advised for all average-risk patients, age 50 and older, as a method of colon cancer screening. Patients with significant illnesses (poorly controlled diabetes, significant cardiac disease, severe breathing problems, kidney problems) are advised to schedule a consultation prior to the procedure as the physician will have very limited time to discuss past medical history or ongoing problems at the time of the Open Access procedure.  If you have underlying abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits,  any gastrointestinal issues, or meet the exclusion criteria* listed below, an Open Access Colonoscopy may not be the best initial examination for you. To ensure the highest quality care, we request individuals with these issues schedule a regular office visit prior to any procedure.


* Exclusion Criteria Includes:

  • Use of anticoagulants / antiplatelets / clotting diathesis

  • Multiple or unstable co-morbidities (having one or more additional diseases)

    • Unstable cardiac disease, pacer/defibrillator, endocarditis, recent myocardial infarction (MI)

    • Steroid-dependent pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, or use of a CPAP

    • Renal distress, dialysis

    • Neurologic disorders

  • Extensive abdominal surgery

  • GI bleeding, change in bowel movements, weight loss, bleeding

  • Insulin dependent diabetes

  • Chronic narcotic use for pain control

  • Previous problems with anesthesia

  • Age > 80

  • Overweight

If you are in good health and wish to proceed to scheduling your procedure, please call 609-581-6610.