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Financial Disclosure

Hamilton Endoscopy and Surgery Center, LLC

Whitehorse Executive Center


Physician Financial Disclosure



Public law/rule of the State of New Jersey Board of Health mandates that a Physician, Podiatrist and all other licensees of New Jersey inform patients of any significant financial interest held in a health care service. Patients have the right to be notified regarding the Hamilton Endoscopy and Surgery Center Physician disclosure, prior to their procedure date


Please Take Notice That Following Providers Have a Financial Interest in this Center


Shariq Afridi, MD

Zahid Baig, MD

Herve Boucard, MD

Imran Fayyaz, MD

Zafar Zamir, MD


Robert Wood Johnson Medical Services at Hamilton, Inc



You may, of course, seek treatment at a health care facility of your own choice.  A listing of alternative health care facilities can be found in the classified section of your telephone directory, or by researching providers, under the appropriate heading.

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